Belt Production Line

Straight Belt Conveyor Line

The characteristics of direct belt conveyor: the main function is conveying, without the need for workbench, lighting and other accessories, conveying speed can be adjusted according to customer needs. Classified as: movable conveyor line, fixed conveyor line, double-deck conveyor line, belt edge conveyor line, etc.

Product introduction:

Belt line is also called belt assembly line, also known as belt conveyor, belt conveyor or belt conveyor, which is an indispensable economic logistics conveying equipment to form a rhythmic flow line.

Belt Types: PE, SIR, PU and PVC

Functional characteristics:

Simple structure, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, widely used in electronic, household appliances, food, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries of zero assembly conveying;

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Technical parameters:

1. The main conveying forms are: strip worktable, independent worktable, unilateral worktable, bilateral worktable and non-worktable.

2. The driving forms are: motor driven conveying.

3. The usual width of belt is 20-2000 mm. It can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

4. The material of conveyor belt includes rubber belt, PVC belt, canvas belt, food belt, etc.

5. Conveyor belts are in the form of conveyor belts with baffles, belt fences, flat belts and anti-skid belts.

6. The size of the worktable board is determined by the user.

7. Workbench: sticking fire-proof board, ordinary rubber, anti-static rubber lamp.

8. Wire brackets include stainless steel, aluminium profile, carbon steel spraying, etc.

9. Conveying speed is generally 0.1-10M/min, and can also be adjusted or fixed according to user's needs.

10. Speed regulation includes: frequency conversion speed regulation, electromagnetic speed regulation, electronic speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation, etc.

11. Belt rack material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum profiles.

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Classification of Belt Lines:

1. Linear belt conveyor line;

2. Belt conveyor line with worktable;

3. Climbing belt conveyor line;

4. Turning belt conveyor line;

5. Trough belt conveyor line;

6. Telescopic belt conveyor line;

7. Knife-edge belt conveyor line;

8. Edge-retaining belt conveyor;

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Belt line operation process:

Before the operation of the belt line, first of all, we should confirm that the equipment, personnel and conveyed goods of the belt line are in a safe and sound state; secondly, we should check that there are no foreign bodies in the moving parts, check whether all the electrical lines are normal, and then we can put the belt line into operation. Finally, it is necessary to check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the equipment does not exceed (+5%).

In the operation of belt line, the following operations must be carried out:

1. Close the main power switch and check whether the power supply of the equipment is normally fed in and whether the power indicator is on. Next step after normal operation.

2. Close the power switches of each circuit to check whether they are normal. Normal state is: the equipment does not move, the belt line operation indicator does not turn on, the power indicator of the converter and other equipment is on, and the display panel of the converter is normal (no fault code display).

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3. Start the electrical equipment in turn according to the technological process. After the last electrical equipment starts normally (the motor or other equipment has reached normal speed and normal state), start the next electrical equipment.

In the operation of the belt line, it is necessary to abide by the provisions of the articles in the design of the conveyed goods and the design ability of the belt line. Secondly, it should be noted that all kinds of personnel should not touch the moving part of the belt line, and non-professional personnel should not touch the electrical components, control buttons and so on at will. Finally, in the operation of the belt line, it is impossible to break the rear stage circuit of the converter. If the maintenance needs are determined, the operation of the converter must be stopped. Otherwise, the converter may be damaged.

Belt line operation stop, press stop button until the system is completely stopped before cutting off the total power supply

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Advantages of belt line:

Belt conveyor line is a kind of pipeline which uses belt conveyor line to save labor and improve work efficiency. It can transport a wide variety of materials, not only a variety of bulk materials, but also various cartons, bags and other light weight products, but also can be used in large supermarket cash register for commodity delivery, with a wide range of uses.